Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A to Z

Felix on Whale Dome
Cochise Stronghold

Dem Bones
The Whale

Riding high on the Whale!

Enjoying a wonderful summit

Coiling the Harpoon
time to head back to harbor

 Felix having a Cragaholic's Dream

 Happy dream!

Em navigates the granite landscape on The Sheepshead

Em on The Sheepshead

Climber on Peacemaker

TBow and Em 
The Sheepshead

Avi on the Warpath

Warpath Dome

 Avi sending Fax Crack

Avi floating Cripple Creek 
 The Pharoh, Mt Lemmon

 Gazing down on Cripple Creek

Kristen's Photo
Anduriel Tower
Mt Lemmon

 Coyote Mountain Wilderness
The Elephant's Trunk climbs the long ridge

Kristen gets onto the Elephant's Trunk

Sizing up The Trunk
(Kristen's Photo)

Riding The Trunk!

Table Dome far below

Kristen Summits Elephant Dome

Kristen's Photo
 Big Big Spaces

Wild Wild Places

 Felix shimmies up The Totem Pole
Queen Creek Canyon

 Summit Shadows on The Totem

 Felix balances on The Totem Pole

Sunset at The Homestead

Kristen's Photo
Thanks for comin out,
see ya next time!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sands of Sedona

FP in the Mesquite Desert

Fred Beckey goin climbing, aged 94

 Gettin' Chirty on cool limestone

Sedona, AZ
The Spout Tower centered in the background

Starting out the Spout
Felix Parham photo

Fixed Pin ridin dirty on the Spout

 Gettin Wild on the Spout
Felix Parham photo
 Top of the Spout
Felix Parham photo
FP on the Spout

Pat Kingsbury starting up Shangri-La

Following up Shangri-La
Patrick Kingsbury photo

 TBow scoping on Morning Glory Spire

Pat getting stoked on some sand

Pink Wiggler

Pat grabbing the Pink Wiggler

 TBow enjoying the Devils Thumb

 Secret Spire
One of Sedona's finest!

 Summit of Secret Spire!
Cathy Karlo photo

Christianity Spire and Streaker Spire on the right

 Em on Blast From the Past, Christianity Spire

 Em leading on Blast

 Summit of Christianity Spire

 Courthouse Butte
Coyote Tower just sticks up on the right
 Em leading out on Coyote

 Finding the goods on Coyote

 Top of Coyote Tower

 Climbers on Streaker Spire