Sunday, October 18, 2015

Otoño en Cali, Vamos, a Las Montañas!


Jim Toman starting onto the Matthes Crest, Yosemite

Enjoying a perfect day in the mountains

Looking South towards the Clark Range

Sky walking


Jim heading North

Find the two climbers

Really cool megacrystic knobs along here

A very perched saucer of granite

Sunset behind the Echo Peaks

A view of the entire Matthes Crest

Morning Meadow Session

Jim and Joel topping out Lembert Dome above Tuolumne Meadows

No Fun Allowed!

Lembert Dome

Joel airborne above the Tuolumne River

Jim mid-flight

Kyle and Joel happy for Picture Peak

Joel leads a great crack on pitch 1

Kyle and Joel high over Hungry Packer Lake

Chorble On!

Kyle leads out

Kyle enjoys an excellent granite splitter crack!

Joel displaying great technique

Monkeys on the Ridge

Looking towards the summit

Happy ridge


Views of the Evolution Crest, 
Mount Haekel left, Mount Darwin on the right

A Chorbler's Delight!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blood of the Monkey, Keeler Needle, CA

Sunrise on the Keeler Needle and Mt. Whitney

Dave Elder stands below Keeler

Dave starting the route "Blood of the Monkey"

Dave on the 2nd pitch

Dave leading the 3rd pitch

About this time I stopped taking photos
the climbing became more difficult and we were completely absorbed

KC memorial plaque near the summit of Keeler Needle

Tired, cold, and thirsty!

Desperately drinking slush water off the Mt. Whitney trail

Sunrise on top of Mt. Whitney, after a pleasant bivy in the summit hut

Descending the Mountaineers Route to Iceberg Lake

Trying to take it all in

Totally worked and happy
Our first time on the Keeler Needle!

A link to Miles' post about the FA with some cool photos.