Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back in The Creek

Evening storm settles over Indian Creek

Bellyfull of Bad Berries



Pat on Pink Flamingo

Andreas on Luxury Liner

International Affair

Its great to be back in the western US (greatest climbing in the world) and more precisely Indian Creek. The mecca of crack climbing is seeing more and more pilgrams every season and the BLM land managers are taking action to reduce devastating impacts and generally make their presence felt. This is the first season there has been wall closures for nesting falcons easily disturbed by grunting climbers; Cat Wall and Reservoir Wall are both off limits until September. We are all glad to see conservation issues addressed to protect The Creek and its fragile desert ecosystem. However, changes come at a cost and we must ensure the area maintains its wild and free spirit in the face of regulation.
After a morning snow squall, the bum squad headed into Moab to catch up on happenings. We must have seen at least 30 climbers at Scarface Wall, Battle of the Bulge, and Supercrack, the popular cliffs. All I could do was yell "Save the stone!" as we passed by. The rock here is very fragile when wet, but some people don't know or don't care. That is precisely the attitude which scares me most when it comes to Indian Creek.
We've had great climbing days mixed with needed rest days waiting for the rock to dry. Hope ya like the shots!

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