Tuesday, June 1, 2010

(Photo courtesy Mountain Film)

After another great trip to the Black Canyon with Kim Havell, I've been resting and enjoying Telluride's Mountain Film Festival, a incredible four-day event combining adventure and environmental issues.The Sender film boys were in town showing some of their latest; 'Alone on the Wall' made my palms sweat as I watched Honnold re-enact free solos of Moonlight Buttress and Half Dome, awesome footage! This film won the festival's Charlie Fowler Award. 'Man vs Eiger' (AKA Fly or Die) documented Dean's quest to Free-BASE Deep Blue Sea on the Eiger North Face; this guy is a true scientist, experiencing the world in highly acute mental states. On the enviro front, I really enjoyed "I Am", a film documenting a Hollywood producer's journey to shun the false material world and find true meaning in this confusing world. Mountain Film leaves you feeling disturbed and also inspired to change what you can.


Check out Kim Havell's site for the Black Canyon Trip Report


Blake said...


Send me your email address! I don't have it.

Also, did you end up with a blue HB offset of mine?


Nora St. Laurent said...

Ice from the Triassic Period warmed us up for the main event.

Great site! Love your pictures. I was wondering if I could used the one picture in my blog to go with an interview I'm doing with an author. The one I copied the captioned from. I can refer people back to your site. Please let me know.

THANKS for letting me know.

Nora St.laurent
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