Thursday, May 9, 2019

Stone of Lime and Sand

Ashley Maryn sampling the wonderful limestone at Sunset Alley
 St. George, UT

 Wild chert slab on 'Sunset Lanes'
Limestone forms from ancient seabed sediments and has fossilized ocean creatures in place, shells are a common sighting in the rock

Ash starting 'Three Pump Chump' with the impressive Blank Cave behind

This beautiful panel of stone hosts the best climbs at Sunset

Ash battles the 'Three Pump Chump'

Ash working Frick at Sunset Alley

Looking east to St. George and Red Mountain from Sunset

 Em soaks puts in 'The Work and the Glory', The Diamond

Ash on 'Diamonds Are Forever'

Em below Moonlight Buttress and the start of 'Moonshadow' on the right

 Em following Pitch 2 on Moonshadow

Em leads out on Pitch 3 of Moonshadow
The Great White Throne looms behind

Em climbs Pitch 6 of Moonshadow

Splendid views of the Spaceshot Wall with building thunderheads

 Em on Pitch 7 of Moonshadow
The threatening thunderstorm finally caught us on Pitch 9
Reluctantly, we bailed 2 pitches from the summit!
Braving the raging Virgin River a second time for the day was unforgettable.
The rain poured down Zion Canyon as we boarded the shuttle bus and our drenched bodies attracted stares from the other passengers.

Storm clearing over Springdale and Zion Canyon

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