Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dreams of Patagonia

Alpine ice high on the Whillians route, Aguja Poincenot.

Looking at the East side of Aguja Rafiel (right) and St. Exupery (left). Neil and I rappeled off the face on Exupery with the horizontal ledges and wrapped around to lookers left and into the darkness after climbing Last Gringos Standing.

Gary dislplays his girlfriends panties. This only begins to explain the nickname...

On the approach to the Whillians via passo superior.

The striking Aguja Pallone.

Mark Givens recently shared some rarely seen images of the East Side of the Fitz Roy Group. Mark and his climbing partner Gary provided some much needed comical relief as our three months in Chalten wound down. Everyone gets nicknames in Chalten. Neil and I are known as Los Hermanos Kauffman. Mark and Gary were known as Ace and Gary after the Mad TV skit...

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