Sunday, September 6, 2009

I LOVE Indian Creek!!

Indian Creek is a very special place to many people who have spent time there and awaits discovery for many more. As the fall season rolls around, I'm psyched to return to "The Creek" to see my friends and meet many new ones, not to mention climb the SICKEST CRACKS IN THE WORLD!!

I'm thinking about the future of "the Creek", we all love it for the free spirit of this amazing desert landscape, one of the last free climbing areas in the States. Let's keep it that way! If you haven't read the Access Fund's comments on the BLM Management Plan, please do it. It's our responsibility as "locals" to know the rules and inform others. If we don't treat this place right, we'll be paying fees for toilets and packed into designated BLM campgrounds!

Consider joing the Access Fund and Friends of Indian Creek, they are both committed to keeping the Creek free.

Basically the BLM is running a trial period to test whether we can handle the freedom from fees and more regulations. We need to strictly adhere to "Leave No Trace" ethics: Pack out ALL your shit, including all your shit! Wag bags are available, or you can use plastic bags pretty easily (ewwww!....get over it). Cat holes and the "shit-put" are no longer acceptable! Tread lightly on sensitive areas by using established trails and avoiding crytobiotic soil at all costs ("Dont Bust the Crust"...I'm a soil ambassador). Leave your dogs if possible, they don't understand how to protect the fragile desert. If you must bring your pet, keep it under control at all times and clean up its shit; keep it on trails and off the crypto. (Don't make Alf shoot your dog!) We need to re-evaluate the campfire scene: it's pretty great to have the warmth and spirit of a fire on those cold desert nights. However, gathering firewood at the Creek has a huge impact and is definately against the rules. Bringing wood from outside the area and limiting wood consumption are the best solutions. We need to preserve and protect Indian Creek so we can happily climb there forever!!

See y'all there in November!!

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Clint Helander said...

Hey Joel and Neil! I'm diggin' your climbing blog! I will look forward to seeing you boys down in the Valley and hopefully Indian Creek too!

I've got a ticket booked to fly into San Fran on October 4th. I'll have six weeks to climb and jam and suffer with friends before flying back up to Alaskaland on the 18th of November.

Anyways, look forward to seeing ya soon!
I added your blog to my blog in the links section.