Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kings Canyon Park

This is the lightest-colored Sierra Yellow-Legged Frog I've seen

Great frog lakes;
storm's a brewin'

Heinous 'schwackin

This is one of the biggest...78 grams!
The Sierra Crest

Mt Darwin and Mt Mendel

Upper Evolution Canyon
Max and I have just emerged from the backcountry of Kings Canyon National Park after a six day froggin' trip through some of the High Sierra's trademark terrain along the John Muir/Pacific Crest Trail. Our mission was to visit sites that have not yet shown positive infections of the deadly amphibian chytrid fungus. The trip was eye-opening; there were thousands of adult frogs all over these lakes, too many to count! This was but a snapshot of the days before trout and chytrid invaded the frog havens of the Sierra, damn shame...

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