Saturday, July 24, 2010

Squamish Season

Three days is not enough time in Squamish. With the correct tour guides, it's barely enough time to get a good look around.

Rachel and I had a civilized start to the Angel's Crest on the Chief. The tree climb start quickly returned me to childhood memories of monkey business.

The totem pole kept us on track... all smiles. The smiles faded quickly as we navigated treed ledges and steep fixed lines to the base of High Planes Drifter. Squamish served it up all right.

Do all the young men solo for the correct reasons in Canada as they do in the U.S.?

Non-climbing highlights of the trip include: explaining to Phillipe what Putin is (frenchfries and gravy); the Cowboy/girl and Indian party at the Sqauamish Mountain Festival; and getting back into the United States of American without being searched!

Salud to all the Monkeys in Squamish SENDING!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

High and Dry

Don't look directly at IT...
Keebler Needle's always watching

Steven Timothy Dittman

Nimbus Pitch 1

Launching Nimbus Pitch 2

Splitteron, CA

'Bama Hills
"The Poormans J-Tree"

Definitely watch out for this guy...

The Eastern Sierra may be the greatest rock destination on Planet Earth; pick the season, pick the location, then get yer crush on!
Season: Summer (When its hot, go higher)
Destination: Whitney Portal

Its hot, hi in the hundos, as I cruise the Neil Mobile southward through the searing desert sagebursh on HWY 395 with AC at 9am. Soundtrack is Pink Floyd's "Animals", face melting guitar solos and sharp commentary on humanities social downfall; its LOUD! Im psyched to meet Tim Dittman and explore The Portal's white hot granite.

Day one finds us on Nimbus, an excellent three pitch climb emphasizing slab footwork and stellar crackage. As we begin to notice, slab is quite common here, after climbing 'Tanager' another awkward leaning tight hands crack with exfoliant granito smearing my calves were screaming lactic acid barfies. Call it a The Portal Store for nourishment!

Next, we couldn't pass up Bony Fingers, possibly the most classic route around. Seriously, finger cracks don't get any splitterton. Check out those Diorite knobs!!! A whale of a tale....

Thanks for the photos Timmy; I'm getting a smaller camera for climbing, stay tuned.