Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Trout Fishin'

Captain Trout's on the team!

 Destination Spire, Sedona AZ
Direct Flight climbs the steep shady wall on the right beeline to the top

 Trout begins the journey on Pitch 1 of Direct Flight

Gone fishin' on Pitch 2 patina

Throwing the line on the double cracks of P3

Troutman trolling on Direct Flight

Hooked into a big one!

 Trout gives praise on top of Destination Spire
Oak Creek Spire behind

 Anchors away on the first rap!

Towers in Marg's Draw, Sedona
Self Loathing National Monument is the little summit in center

Self Loathing NM
Rotor Rampage climbs the corner then left to the splitter crack

Trout launches into Rotor Rampage

 Cruising speed on the mega-corner of Pitch 2

Gaining altitude on Pitch 3, splitter thin-hands

Sticking the traverse on P3, high over Oak Creek Village

Above the flight deck on Self Loathing National Monument

The legendary Troutman

Courthouse Butte, Justice of the Peace

Trout in session on Pitch 1

Trials begin on the bouldery crux of Pitch 2

 Heading into the pillar splitter crack


The amazing pillar splitter

Getting serious past the Man-eater Roofs

Trout presents the evidence on the giant roof traverse on Pitch 4

 Still goin!

So high right now!

Closing statement on the JB traverse,
Looking north to Sedona

Please rise! The headwall pitch

Verdict: Not Guilty
'Y'all gotta feel me'