Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sierra Summer

Joel hiking in Tuolumne

Pluto Dome over the Tuolumne River

Way out on Pluto

View to Tuolumne from Pluto

Tuolumne River rock walls 

Tioga Canyon

Planet Kauffman hiking above June Lake

Glowing tree frog

Cathedral Peak

My 1st time on Cathedral Peak!

Monkeys are summiting!

Bud Lake from Cathedral Pk.

Joel dips in a chilly Gem Lake

Mammoth Mountain
Banner, Ritter and The Minarets

A snowy Sierra in June
Red and White Lake

Climber on top of Red and White Mtn

View West from Red Slate Mtn

Convict Canyon

Crystal Crag above Mammoth

Christy on Mt Emerson

Summit of Mt Emerson

Christy at 5th Lake, Big Pine Creek

Temple Crag

Eichorn's Pinnacle from Cathedral 

Em on Eichorn's Pinnacle

TBow and Em on the tip of Eichorn's

Christy backpacking to Half Dome

 Strange Pinnacles of Granite

Looking up Tenaya Canyon from Half Dome

Dangling over Yosemite Valley

A quiet moment on the Cables Route, Half Dome

The immense South Face of Half Dome

Vernal Falls

Richard Shore hiking over Mono Pass

Third Recess Peak at sunrise

Rich at the base of Third Recess Peak

 Starting a perfect Sierra climbing day!

Rich on P3

Rich leads P4

Rich takes off on P5

 The summit of Third Recess Peak
Looking North to Red Slate Mtn

Rich on the top, looking South

Heading back to Third Recess Lake

Hard to leave!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sandstone Sampling

Christy cruising slickrock to Echo Pinnacle
Much of the sandstone here North of Moab is Entrada;
it was water-deposited 180-140MYA as mudflats around a shallow sea

Christy sampling Entrada Sandstone on Echo Pinnacle
Soft and sandy but sometimes sweet...

Christy enjoying nice Wingate Sandstone, Lighthouse Tower
Rich climbing below on Lonely Vigil.
Wingate was wind-deposited, 200MYA as vast sand dunes.

Nat topping Lighthouse
Something went just right with this sand,
Wingate is the strongest and most reliable stone around Moab!
(precarious summit blocks notwithstanding)

The Colorado River slowly cut through the resilient Wingate layer here;
it created a convenient path to build River Road to Moab!

Looking over at Big Bend Butte, dotted with friendlies!

 Sunset over Castle Valley
The Wingate towers here are some of the most iconic of the desert.
Castleton Tower stands out on the left.

 Cutler Sandstone forms this wild Corkscrew Summit 
Ancient Arts, Fisher Towers

Christy on top!

Ancient Arts on the left, 
spot the tiny Corkscrew Summit!

Mud plastered over Cutler Sandstone gives the Fishers a Gothic aura
Hauntingly, this rock/mud is some of the softest around!

Rich sizing up The Hindu
Cutler can be surprising solid!??

Capitol Wash, Capitol Reef NP
More Entrada here,
 beautifully reminiscent of colorations in Zion NP.