Sunday, March 31, 2019

Desert Sojourney

Viewfinder Towers, Hanksville UT

Pat K stays stoked
The tower on the left was unclimbed! Until TBow found it...

Hermit's Hovel and "Lazarus" 

TBow ready to bolt on Lazarus

The previously untrodden desert summit!

Hermits's Hovel, Lazarus, and Tibia Tower on the right

Getting into the Hermit's Hovel
(TBow photo)

Made it!
(TBow photo)

Hanging on top of Hermit's Hovel
(TBow photo)

 Looking out at The Weasel and towards Window Blind Pk

Dead Man's Spires
(TBow photo)

Eyeing up Wisdom Tooth

TBow starts P1 Wisdom Tooth

Tackling P2 and heading for the top

Wisdom Tooth Summit above Buckhorn Wash

Haagenschlong in all it's glory!

Wild chimney on Haagenschlong

Haagenschlong Summit

Rapping off with Assembly Hall Pk behind

Hiking to Bottleneck Peak

(TBow photo)

Tippin' the Bottle route
(TBow photo)
Staying frosty on Bottleneck

Probably laughing at my expense

TBow Tippin' the Bottle on top
Thanks Jackson for the refreshments!

Headin' down high over the San Rafael River