Saturday, July 21, 2012

Of Granite and Amigos

 Scream in Stone

 The crack just kept getting bigger...

 Scott Bennett hanging on a solid flake.

 Clayton, Scott, Torres.

Cheyne contemplating the latest bail.  A month earlier on this same peak, myself and 9 climbers made a rescue attempt.  We were unsuccessful.  I think about Carlyle and Bjorn every day.

 Self portrait on my birthday with Kate's Birthday Girl sash.  Smug face says it all.  

 Golden Eagle attempt with Scott.

 Poince looking good.

 Option number 2...

 Schmetterling!  (Butterfly in German)

 In order to increase tourism, build a road where a trail once was.  George W. Hayduke would have been proud to see me pluck more than one piece of flagging.  Fight the RISE OF THE MACHINES!!

 Lago San Martin.

 We attempted to cross the Andes and had to turn back.  Just one valley to the North of El Chalten and completely remote.  Fortunately there was some pasta and chocolate at this Puesto.  We did have to fend off the rats...

 In order to welcome Jens home from AK, Scott and I had a bake off.  Pizza and Banana bread.

These photos are a compilation of the last few months.  The idea is to inspire myself and others.  Now GO CLIMBING!

Joel is in the Tetons climbing and working for Exum Mountain Guides.  Neil is in the Eastern Sierra climbing and working to save the Mountain Yellow Legged Frog.  When the work is over in mid September, we'll unite and climb together.  Until then, keep it tight out there!