Friday, November 21, 2014

Octoberfest in Cali

Autumn in Pine Creek, the first snowfall

Calaveras Dome

 Joel on Sands of Time

Mokelumne Reservoir

A splendid splitter to start The Wall of the Worlds

Joel leading the 2nd pitch of Wall of the Worlds

Joel on the 4th

Happy Birthday Neil!!

Some crazy fungi out there!

Joel and Tad feasting after a big push on Aguille Extra

Jim Toman running around on top of Mt Watkins

Jim and Joel at the start of A New Golden Dawn, Mt Watkins

Jim on the 1st pitch

Joel slabbing above Tenaya Canyon and Clouds Rest

Jim leading a cruxy slab

Jim leads off near the top

 Jim and Joel following up high

That's Half Dome

Valley Uprising, Monkey Up!

 Leading the wideness on The Good Book

 Jason Pavilanis booting up in JTREE

Hasta la próxima hermano!