Thursday, May 8, 2014

Springing into USA

 Scott Bennett, amped as always

The Naked Edge
Eldo Colorado

Tim and Josh starting The Bastille

The Six Shooter Peaks
Canyonlands Utah

The Bridger Jack Towers

 Felix on Sunflower Tower

Rapping off Easter Island

A fine place to be

Pamela and Patrick working on a new, wide route
Pregnant Woman Wall, Indian Creek

Patrick showing off the plaque for our new route on Pregnant Woman Wall
Thanks to Pam for helping get this one done!

(Pat Kingsbury Photo)

Pitch 1

Feeling pumped after finishing the 1st pitch

Looking down the 2nd Pitch, amazing!

Psyched to send it!

Juliet learning to climb rocks, age 3
The Pit, Flagstaff Arizona

Everyone loves Belay Specs!

Neil on top of Alladin's Lamp
Sedona Arizona

Trevor leading on Tomahawk Tower

Yeah, no big deal, really.

Trevor raps off Tomahawk Tower

Felix well below the top of Damfino Spire

Psyching up for the amazing OW corner on Damfino

Felix on the long OW corner

Weird tin can rock formation near the top

Shadow people on the summit

Felix the Cat celebrates on top

Paradise Forks Arizona