Sunday, March 22, 2020

Calm before the Storm

Robitussin Tower, Spring Canyon UT

TBow wriggles up Robitussin

Sip sippin' on some Sizzurp

 Tip of Robitussin over the Green River

Spring Canyon

Geekin' on Tussin


Andrey's Tower, Four Arch Canyon

'The Russians Are Coming'
another sandbag Jimmy Dunn route

Tbow rallies up Andrey's

Looking east to Arches NP from Andrey's

Pitons in Love

Summit of Andrey's

Vena Cava Tower

Ben squiggles up Vena Cava

Ben on Vena Cava
(TBow photo)

TBow topping out Vena Cava

 Latte Da props ☕

 The Green River from Vena Cava Tower

Rapping off Vena Cava

Vena Cava Tower high over the Green River

TBow leads up 'The Tool'

A pleasant hand crack on 'The Tool'

TBow and Ben on 'The Tool'

Escaping from the Tool at dusk

Horsethief Tower

Finding buried treasure on Pitch 1 of 'River Pirates'

Starting up 'River Pirates'
(TBow photo)

TBow sets sail

A tremendous trundle

Ben scopin' for booty over the Green

Pillaging on 'River Pirates'

Sailing high on the Green River