Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Festivus of Sand

Seek and you will find...

 Admiring The Spoot, Sedona AZ

JK hikes about the Mace

Merry Christmas from Planet Kauffman!

Kokopelli, Bringer of Life, always full of mischief

Razor's Edge of The Hand, Superstition Mountains

Weaver's Needle, Superstition Mountains

 Weaver's Needle, South Face

 Weaver's Needle Summit
 Yucca blooms on the summit of Weaver's Needle

Stemming on Trundler's Club, back in Sedona

Steph on the long traverse of Arch Enemy
Moose's Butte in the background

Eraser Head Spire

Eraser Head Spire

The Pirate, Middle Cathedral

Steph on The Pirate, with the shadow of The Mace

Top of Middle Cathedral

Middle Cathedral looking to Courthouse Butte on the right

Rusty Cage

Windows Route, Super Crack Tower

Alligator Juniper
TBow celebrates on Christmas Party Tower
They were here 

Courthouse Butte from Bell Rock
The Prosecutor climbs the right side of the butte

Troutman stands trial on The Prosecutor, Courthouse Butte

Psyched after firing the OW of The Prosecutor


 Trout engages the traverse on The Prosecutor, high over Village of Oak Creek

Trout takes the last pitch on The Prosecutor

Atop Courthouse Butte