Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The White Rim of Canyonlands

Camp below Airport Butte

Approaching Tiki Tower

Emily leads on Tiki Tower

Felix lowers out on Tiki Tower

Team Tiki on the summit!

The rappel off Tiki Tower

Monster Tower and Washer Woman Arch

Felix at Gooseberry Camp

 Emily and Trevor hiking in Monument Basin

Trevor on Standing Rock

Felix spectates at Standing Rock

Trevor leading on Standing Rock

 Felix surveys Monument Basin

Monument Basin Pinnacles

Monument Basin and the La Sal Mountains
Standing Rock in profile

Looking South over Canyonlands near the Colorado/Green Rivers confluence

Emily relaxing at White Crack

Trevor at White Crack looking East

Unclimbed towers along The White Rim

Looking East across the Green River and into the Maze District
Standing Rock (a different one) sticking out

Somehow, still standing

Wingate and Chinle layers of sandstone

 Soda Springs Basin and Candlestick Tower

Felix contemplates The White Rim

Felix and Trevor admiring Candlestick Tower

Candlestick Tower

Taylor Canyon towers, Emily on the summit of Zeus

The Kachina Spires

Trevor and Emily on South Kachina Spire

Trevor and Felix on North Kachina Spire

T & Em on North Kachina Spire above Hellroaring Canyon

 Felix and I on North Kachina Spire

Monday, April 2, 2018

AZ Road Trip

Pointed Dome & Queen Victoria, Sedona

Kai high on Queen Vic, one of Sedona's fine easy towers

 Queen Vic summit and Pointed Dome

Chillin' on top

50 Foot Spire

 Not too long, but good!

Lower Devils Canyon, Queen Creek

Wild volcanic pinnacles!

The Shmotem Pole

Lower Devils Canyon

Summit Shadows on Shmotem Pole

Mt Lemmon, high above Tucson

Rich & Dave's Route, Mt Lemmon

Yep, still snows down here

'Lizard Marmalade', Mt Lemmon's testpiece trad climb

Pusch Ridge, backcountry domes on Mt Lemmon

Wasteland Dome, Cochise Stronghold

'The Wasteland', classic patina climbing!

Leading on 'The Wasteland'

Kai way up on 'The Wasteland'

Wasteland Dome, Entrance Dome behind looking East

Summit Shadow Boxers

Owl Rock

Climber high on 'The Peacemaker', The Sheepshead

Kai on 'Absinthe of Mallet', The Sheepshead

Surreal friction slabs on 'Absinthe'

 Kai topping out 'Absinthe'

Sheepshead Summit

Colorful domes in Cochise Stronghold

Big patina knobs on 'Magical Realism'

Summit of Maybe Pinnacle looking East

Climber at Isle of You


 Kai on 'Warpaint'


Summit of 'Warpaint'

The Totem Pole of Chiricahua National Monument

Looking West towards Cochise Stronghold across the valley from Chiricahua

Sugarloaf Mtn, Chiricahua

Hiking off Sugarloaf Mtn

Centipede Spire, a new tower with T Bow in Sedona!

Trevor rapping Centipede Spire

Rhiannon climbing Heart & Soul
Saint Christopher's Tower
 Oak Creek Canyon

Heart & Soul, Saint Christopher's Tower

Summit above Oak Creek Canyon

ASC Tower, Sedona

Felix and Trevor starting up ASC

Yeah Team!

Trevor cashes in on the money hand crack
'The Desert Is For Dreamers'
ASC Tower

Felix on top of ASC Tower

T Bow raps

See ya next time!