Monday, September 10, 2018

Mount Sill - Thunderbolt Peak

Middle Palisade and Norman Clyde Peak
Trailhead ~7400 Ft

Smoky Sunrise over the Inyo MountainsL

A fine Sierra morning!
Mt Sill and the Palisade Crest

Looking down upon North Fork Big Pine Creek

A view of the Sill-Thunderbolt traverse
Swiss Arete takes the sun/shade line on Mt Still
North Palisade is the high point at the right-middle

North Palisade Glacier

Starting up the Swiss Arete
Looking south to Norman Clyde Peak

Scoping super Sierra granite on the Swiss Arete

Stoked on Sill!
Mt Gayley and Temple Crag behind, 
White Mountain Peak way across the Owens Valley

Nearing the top of Mt Sill
Cam Dodds photo

Miles to go...
On top of Mt Sill 14,153 ft. towards Polemonium 14,100 
North Palisade 14,242, Starlight 14,200, Thunderbolt 14,003

South toward Split Mountain and the High Sierra

Looking back to Mt Sill from Polemonium Peak

Skywalkin' to North Palisade

'The Milk Bottle' summit block of Starlight Peak
Cam Dodds photo

Looking back to Starlight, the tiny 'Milk Bottle' sticks out
Cam Dodds photo

Cam riding high on the Palisade Crest

Questing onto Thunderbolt Peak

Stellar climbing below Thunderbolt

Cam Dodds photo

Cam and Mt. Sill

 Thunderbolt Peak above Dusy Basin

Thunderbolt summit block

Descending onto the North Palisade Glacier

Mayor in session back at Third Lake

First reunion since China 2013!
Mayor, Felix, Erik

Keep it Chossy!