Saturday, June 15, 2013

Comin' In From Waaay Out

Planet Kauffman has been far outside the stratosphere and outta coms for some time now. After returning to US of A in April, we're welcomed back to Colorado by friendly faces everywhere and humble folks who love to crush it! It took a few days in Eldorado Canyon to shake off the massive inter-hemispherical flight path, then we got a little taste of winter as a spring storm blanketed the Front Range. We rallied over the Rockies in the Suby, gawking at mini-vans and rear-wheelers spinning out of control on the white stuff. After a stint around Moab bagging a few towers and catching up with the monkies in the creek, I was motivated to see some new ground. Joel returned to the Pacific Northwest, and I continued on with hash-brown enthusiast Trevor Bowman.
For the merry month of May, we explored new terrain in Arizona, sampling a fine variety course of rock types and features. Sandstone in Sedona, basalt cracks at Paradise Forks and  in Oak Creek Canyon. Flagstaff is a rock climbers wonderland, and at 7000' it's an island of refuge from the brain frying desert heat.

Wintery welcome!
(Tim Dittman took this photo)

Atop The Mace in Sedona, it was windy!
A little trick Patagonia taught me, saddlebag rappels...
That chunk of metal is the summit register...and rappel anchor!

The Mace, Sedona's classic tower.
It's the one on the left

T-Bow getting excited for another 5 star breakfast feast!

Oak Creek Spire
Highlights include a 6 foot jump move to gain the summit block!

Channeling the inner honey badger

Trevor contemplating his future career as a mailman on the cumbre

Another windy rap off Earth Angel spire

The Supercrack Tower

Limestone bands throughout the Sedona sandstone mix it up
This one offered wonderful face climbing!

Yeah, we had a good time!

So many towers 
there was constant confusion over which one we were supposed to be climbing

 Just like in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Trevor took up beard growing

Basalt columns at Paradise Forks

A deep slot canyon with sport climbing!

Luke left an oil pipeline in Alaska to show us around...

Many of the routes were 5.12 and up...
I spectated

Casey on Has-Bro, a classy 5.11+

Above the canyon it's sweltering desert, but the beer stayed cold

It was desolate, just how we like it!

Outside looking into the goods

Cacti need love too!