Monday, June 26, 2017

Snowy Sierra Slam

Basin Mtn
East Chute

High over Bishop

Happy Scramblers

Summit of Basin!
Neil, Joel, Dennis, Taylor

Tad & Richard stoking up at Whitney Portal
attempt on the Corcoran-Leconte Traverse

Sunrise at Mt Irvine

looking west over Grass Pass into the High Sierra 

Hiking south towards The Miter

 Psyching up below the traverse

The entirety of the ridgeline

This is how talus slogging at 13,000 ft felt

Climbing onto the ridge

Tad below the 1st summit

Rich & Neil off the 1st summit 
looking east toward Lone Pine

Tad climbing on the 2nd Peak 4151

Rich finding great climbing on Pk 4151

Top of Pk 4151

Tad chillin on Pk 4151

Looking north at Sharktooth & Mt Corcoran
Mt Whitney in the far distance

3rd Summit

Bailing back west and heading waaaay back to camp
Iridescent Lake

Back down below Mt Corcoran
We bailed from the furthest tower right and down the gully

Glissade back to Meysan Lakes from Grass Pass
Lone Pine Peak catching sunset