Monday, March 20, 2017

Dez Variety Hour

Shorebird launching on the aid pitch
Lovelace, Zion NP

Jammin high on Lovelace
Fang Spire below
 (RShore photo)

Getting into the 5.10 OW on Lovelace
 (RShore photo)

The big chimney on Lovelace
kneepads recommended!
 (RShore photo)

Top of Lovelace!

Way up on the ACL Arete

Starting up The Omen, Zion NP
 (RShore photo)

Crux fingers corner on The Omen
 (RShore photo)

TBow under Crooked Arrow Spire
Parriott Mesa, Castle Valley, UT

 Longbow Chimney on Crooked Arrow Spire

Aiding the bolt ladder on Crooked Arrow Spire
FA: Harvey T Carter 1973

Cleaning an abandoned slackline from the summit
Sister Superior and Castleton Tower in the background

 Psyched on that Dez Choss!

TBow P2 Supernatural 
Parriott Mesa

P3 on Supernatural

Parriott Mesa above the Colorado River and Arches NP

White Rim Road, Canyonlands NP

 Hiking to Chip and Dale Towers

'Boys Night Out'
Dale Tower on the right

 Summit of Dale Tower

Spring Canyon
Pointy Tower

 TBow on Pointy Tower P1

 TBow heading for a tough OW on P2

Amped on Spring Canyon!!

 Summit of Pointy Tower

Scoping the way into Hellroaring Canyon
Kachina Spires