Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sagas of Sand

Congrats to Tim and Katie for tying the knot, in style!

Tim way out on Jupiter

Kristen climbing Epitaph on The Tombstone

Nearing the top of The Tombstone, Halloween's Eve

Happy Halloween!

Kristen on Owl Rock, Arches National Park

Kristen rapping off the Devils Golf Ball, Arches

Liz deep in Space Tower

Liz and Cameron atop Space Tower
 Kane Springs, Moab

The Marching Men, Arches

Dark Angel, one of Arches' landmark towers

Climbers from Michigan, Dark Angel

Ancient Art

 Sunset on Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Podunk Mesa Tower along River Road
The route Adrenaline Circus culminates on the upper right skyline with stunning exposure!

Trevor leads out on Adrenaline Circus last pitch

Canoe adventures with Obama!

Trevor on Barney Rumble Tower across the Colorado River

Emily leads on Barney Rumble

 Happy on top of Barney Rumble Tower with the Colorado River and River Road below

Dan scopes Hellroaring Canyon

Towers of Hellroaring Canyon
The Warlock, The Cauldrons, The Witch

The Cauldrons and The Witch
Eye of Newt climbs the major crack system on the left tower

Dan climbing on Eye of Newt, The Cauldrons

Great route!

Great Summit!

On top of the Cauldrons, The Witch lurking behind

Highlining at the Fruit Bowl

High over Mineral Canyon

Kai in Sedona, AZ

Standing below Two Lips Tower

Summit Shadows on Corn Dog Spire

Kai on top of Bandito Spire after a triple header! 
(3 towers in a day)


Kai walking the limestone band on Goliath

Em sizes up Secret Spire

T Bow on Desert Mule, Secret Spire

Em on Secret Spire

Topping out Secret Spire

Shadow time!

One of Sedona's wildest spires

Boodle Tower with Trevor

Felix faces the T Rex

Climbing on T Rex

Taming T Rex

Felix climbing Tenacious Calculus Spire