Friday, March 20, 2009

Valle Encantado

Rain clouds rolling off the mountains into Bariloche

Nico calling on the inner ape

Joel and I have spent the last few days at an amazing volcanic tuff sport climbing area near Bariloche. The setting is a lush river valley with great climbing on both sides of the river. Navigating the crossing with dodgey inflatable rafts was an interesting exercise in balance and rather adventurous! The climbing here is wild, very steep, often with great hueco jugs and pockets. Grabbing a huge hold on overhanging terrain and cutting the feet loose awakens instincts from our ape-man roots; hard not to let out a monkey call!! The ambiance of the forest and bulbous tuff towers adds to the primeval aura of this wonderful zone.

Stay tuned as we head North for the last part of our adventure, Arenales, a high alpine granite area near the wine capital of Mendoza!

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TKingsbury said...

That's some cool looking stone! Nice!