Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moonrise and alpine glow on Foraker from the top of Squirrell hill. How could you not have a chill down your spine... The ski back up to 14 to meet the crew was delightfully univentful. Ben Mitchell and crew chaperoned me through the lower Kahiltna in the afternoon heat. After that things froze up nicelyTyler and I left 11k and climbed to the base of the Direct West Buttress in order to avoid fog on the Lower Peters Glacier. We climbed the right tending mixed weakness to 16K
Sunrise from the NW Ridge above the Forgotten Wall.

TJ at the first Crux of DWB.

TJ leaving our First Light Bivy headed toword the top of the Fixed Lines 16, 200ft.

After traversing the upper Peters Glacier we were able to climb up to the NW Ridge. This photo is taken with Foraker in the background and the DWB in the middle ground.

Sunrise from the upper NW Ridge of Denali with Wonder Lake 18,000ft. below.

RIP Karen and Sue.

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