Friday, December 18, 2009

Supercanaleta memories

Supercanaleta remembered...
the snow and ice you can see is about 1000m,
the route then exits the couliour right onto rock, gaining the ridge, 600m to the TOP of Fitz Roy

The crew on the upper ridge of the Supercanaleta
Joel, Santiago, Luis, Neil, and Jim
Neil, Joel, and Jim
brewing water and waiting..

The Gringos waiting on the upper ridge...

Looking down the Supercanaleta

Jim on the last rappel off the Franco-Argentine route

Relaxin on the Brecca de los Italianos, after rappeling the Franco

Sunset from Piedras Negras

West side: Guillamet, Mermoz, and Fitz
Splitter cracks are on the radar...

A ghost, a bird, what do you see?
The rock towers are...
St. Exuperey, Innominata (little one (relatively)), Poincenot, and Fitz Roy

It's raining in Patagonia. Today is the solstice, which means about 18 hours of light here at -49 degrees south. Conversations have become pretty interesting among the Gringos as we mob between panaderias, restaurants, and houses. This is a necessary phase as the hunger builds and builds until you can no longer contain your energies, then wait some more...maybe there is a climbable weather window coming in a few days, perhaps it will once again change.
The challenge is maintaining the physical ability and mental psyche during the down time. We've been good boys, maybe a Patagonian Christmas present?


TKingsbury said...

Great pics boys!

Hope you get that splitter weather!!!!


Dana Mad Dog Drummond said...

Nice work fellas! Damn, you're all down there for FOUR months? Well, get some climbing in for me while you're at it. No South America for the dog this year. Psyched you're doing well.

Mad Dog