Sunday, October 10, 2010


Jared and I arrived in Kathmandu on Oct. 7, after a 17 hour flight from LA to Thailand and another 3 hour flight here. What a TRIP it's been so far!! I watched 7 movies on the flight over and stepped off the plane in another Universe. This is definately the third world!!!

Highlights include checking out the 2500 year old Bhuddist Stupas. Hannuman (the Monkey diety) has an especially colorful temple with lots of prayer flags and monkeys swinging from them. The approach entails 365 stairs, one for each day of the year, climbing through a jungle.
We have also enjoyed the company of Ben, Kevin, and Freddie who stayed with us at the Thorong Peak Guest House. Freddy, having spent weeks here reseaching his new book, showed us the Momo Shack and other Kathamandu off the beaten path offerings.

Our friend Nima Sherpa is helping us by securing our climbing permits for Lobuche East and Cholatse, flights to Lukla, a cook, and a couple porters. He is the best! Nima met us at the airport at 0700 where we commenced waiting to board a twin otter that will take us to the short and steep landing strip in Lukla. The billowing cumulus clouds prevented the visibility needed to make the flight safe. We prudently returned to Nima's for lunch and some needed reprieve from the hustling 3rd world lover that is Kathmandu.

We are looking forward to flying on the afternoon of the 11th and then begining the trek to Namche, a famous Sherpa village in the Khumbu. We are extra lucky to experience life on the other side of the world... ASIA!! What will the mountains be like? Big, icy, rocky, and sublime!


micheldon said...

so so psyched for you friend! I'll be thinking bout you on majestic mountain tops!

Jens Holsten said...

Right on Joel!

alf randell said...


alf is rooting for you