Monday, February 6, 2012

The Sun Before the Storm

Jesse and Cedar climb 'The Wisdom' infamous Eldo route with some heads up terrain
Tim keepin it together on Rosy Crucifixion's famous traverse
Katie reaches on Rosy's second pitch
Tim and Katie high on 'Alice in Bucketland'
Tim pulling a really fun roof

Prayers for snow have been rewarded with nearly two feet of fresh blanketing the Front Range last weekend. Outdoor climbing is on hold for now, but I got out last week with Tim and Katie for an amazing day in Eldo. We climbed Rosy Crucifixion, the highlight being the pumpy traverse over the sucking void. I'd checked this route out years ago with my brother and been too wigged to send. Well-deserved classic status!
The Eldo link-up is probably one of the best things out there. Intricate passages wind up the meta-sandstone towers, a choose your own adventure of remarkable terrain. After finishing Rosy, we went up to the most fun I've had lately by climbing Alice in Bucketland. It's 5.8+, runout,, ridiculously juggy, and throws these airy roofs at ya!
Nothing better than great climbing with your friends, in the sun, in February!
Progress on the shoulder has been great recently. Making a strong comeback and getting amped for the Spring season!

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Ty Gittins said...

Glad to hear your pt is working out. Stay strong brother!