Friday, March 20, 2015

The Desert Provides

Zion Canyon

T-Bow zenning on Inner Chi

T-Bow enjoying Holy Roller

A dubious duo, finally got some great Zion action!

Petey back in The Creek

High over the North Six Shooter

Myself 'Camping Under The Influence'

Hiking home after climbing at The Second Meat Wall

Petey on 'Excuse Station', splitter defined

T-Bow and Em on The Desert Siren, a little tower at Blue Gramma Cliff

Hard sandy slab climbing!

Em redeems us, team free ascent!

A small juniper holds the summit together

Having a great time on The Honeymoon Chimney, The Priest

The Priest and Castleton

Castleton Tower

Jim coming up on Holier Than Thou, North face of The Nun

Jim continues out on the wild calcite face of Holier Than Thou

 Jim and Seba atop The Nun, The Priest behind

Seba climbing Holier Than Thou with The Priest behind

The desert provides! 

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