Monday, April 27, 2009


Indian Creek

Monster and Washer Woman

Monument Basin

Standing Rock

I'm lovin the 2nd pitch on Standing Rock

Stormy evening in Canyonlands

Monster, Washer Woman, and the Sandcastle

Monster Tower

Washer Woman Arch

T Bow on Washer Woman

Enjoying a great summit slab pitch on Washer Woman

Kyler crushing Annunaki


The Gambler

Ty takes a belay shift
Eric on Annunaki

The Kauffman Brothers have split ways, Joel is climbing in the Alaska Range before guiding Denalil in May, and I'm having a blast in the Utah desert! After training on the sandstone splitters of Indian Creek I was ready to get some towers, so I met T Bow and Wayne Harney in Moab and we bumped our way down the White Rim Road in Canyonlands Park. After a few hours of the most gnarly jostling of our lives we rounded a corner and saw Monument Basin! This place is unreal; shale towers jut out of the ground at mind boggling positions and the desolate spirit of the desert prevails. The gem of the area is Standing Rock, first climbed by Layton Kor in the 60's. The next day we rappeled into the basin and had an excellent climb on surprisingly solid rock and a true wilderness experience-no people!

Next up was Monster Tower, unfortunately the weather was pretty variable and we ended up being chased off the tip top by threatening clouds and buzzing biners, truly scary!!! We rounded off the adventure by climbing Washer Woman Arch, an intriguingly tiny summit reached by a great route. There are many more stunning towers to climb off the White Rim Road and we'll definately be back!

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