Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taylor Canyon-Moses

Aphrodite, Zeus, The Ark, Moses, and The Thracian Mare

T Bow on steep cupped hands,
Primrose Dihedrals
The Ear looms above!
Moses summit

Rappelling Moses with Zeus behind

An early attempt on "Chosstaman Rant" (VO R)
above the Green River

Another view of Chosstaman Rant

After not enough rest, TBow and I headed back into Canyonlands psyched to climb the Primrose Dihedrals on Moses, a classic route we have both been eyeing for a few years now. Now that the weekend was over, (some people have real jobs) we again had the towers to ourselves! Taylor Canyon is a narrow drainage with Wingate cliffs reminiscent of Indian Creek; unfortunately the NPS has decided that Canyonlands has enough climbing routes and has enforced a fixed anchor ban effectively eliminating all new routes in the park. After a casual hike up to this magnificent group of towers we threw ourselves at the direct start and promptly recieved the slapdown on weird stemmy face climbing off the ground. The whole route is no doubt classic, constantly throwing off-size jamming and interesting situations at ya. Our hopes to free "The Ear", a stout bolted OW, turned into just getting our asses up to the top! Maybe one rest day wasn't enough after all...we spent at least an hour on the perfectly flat summit napping and sunbathing before beginning the windy raps back to the base. Definately one of the best desert towers yet...we'll be back!

We also found some interesting bouldering above the Green River...

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Nice Primrose pics! I want to do it but don't have access to a jeep.
I am just over the hill in Denver for the time being. If you want to clome climb at Eldo, or in the RMNO or elsewhere, you should give me an email or call!