Thursday, May 21, 2009

Da Gnarley & D Tow

Cody on Carl's Face

Spenc and T Bow under the SW face

Lockin and rockin on POTC!

Its been a while since the last desert post, so here's an update...
Joel has been in Alaska since mid-May climbing in the Ruth Gorge with our friend Alex Stroud for a few weeks before starting a Denali guided climb of the West Buttress.
Check out for the updates!
Their team is at 14,000ft waiting for good weather to make a summit bid.

After spending some time in Bozeman visiting friends, frequenting the hot springs and getting a pro massage, I was ready for some more climbing. A month of intense crack climbing definately catches up with you! Well I'm good to go now, hanging out at Devils Tower and climbing more crack...The splitters of Indian Creek got me in good endurance shape, however I'm still getting used to the sharper, physical style of the Tower cracks, really leg intensive!!! This is no doubt some of the best climbing in the world, the setting is super powerful, and the cracks unrelenting!
Stay tuned for some photos!


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