Sunday, May 31, 2009

The land of the Midnight Sun as seen from 20,000ft. on Denali. This picture captures a rare refraction of light through the ice crystals in the thin air and the reflection off a few of the seemingly infinite tundra lakes.

Guiding as a means to make a living as well as getting acclimated for the upcoming Forgotten Wall mission.

The real Midnight sun as seen from 17k camp. The flagged walls in the foreground surround the highest restroom facility in North America.

Looking at Huntington (left) and Hunter (right) aka Beguya from the summit ridge of Denali. It's wild to look down on the Colton-Leech on Huntington after having climbed some of the 4,000ft route. Perspective is an amazing thing.

You jump off the other side if someone falls...

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senojsitruc said...

That's very cool that you made it ... and by all appearances with at least a significant chunk of the team.

I had considered that jump-up-the-other-side (if someone falls) thing, and I was glad to be unroped.