Monday, June 8, 2009

The Needles, South Dakota

Kyle atop E. Gruesome

Wild Iris soaking up the rain

Wandering around The Picket Fence

oooo Spooky!

Kyle cruisin' the Conn crack on East Gruesome

Josh enjoying Tent Peg

Organized Crime-King Pin


back back to Cali'

After spending so much time climbing at Devils Tower, I finally made it to the Needles of South Dakota! The Natives believed The Black Hills were 'the center of all that is'; this mystical forest realm is the geographic center of North America. As an isolated island of rock, hills, and lodgepole pines on the western edge of The Great Plains, The Black Hills host an interesting variety of plants, animals, and people.
The Needles have captivated colorful characters throughout climbing history; this is an area renowned for its hardcore ethics and ground-up style of opening routes. As a result, there is some super-stimulating climbing, which can sometimes involve sparse natural protection (RP's adorned with Screamers), the occasional hand-drilled bolt (buttonheads with Screamers), and the frequent gripping run-outs on sharp granite crystals (wishin' you had some shit attached to Screamers). All in all its great fun!!

After a solo road-trip odyssey through Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, I'm back in Cali' for another summer of froggin' in the Sierra!
Check out for some frog info...

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