Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cardinal Pinnacle!

The Cardinal Pinnacle!
~500 ft of granite goodness
Notice the bulging calf muscle...

Max crushing 5.10 OW

Trying the Bard-Harrington Finish high atop Cardinal Pinnacle

Mt. Conness

Max at work


Just West of Bishop is this immaculate chunk of white Sierra granite, the good stuff! Max found us a great OW to play on, really good knee-locks (I've got a gobie) and hand-fist stacking! There are many excellant cracks here, the B-H Finish is a stellar thin hands crack with awesome exposure...we'll be back!

We've also recently been to one of our froggiest sites; there are thousands of freshly metamorphosed subadults, swarms of tadpoles, and hundreds of adults! Its nice to visit a place like this after seeing so many dwindling populations around the Sierra. Not really sure why they're doing so well at this spot...

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