Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Incredible Hulk!

Me on Pitch 1

Great fun on Pitch 3

Thoroughly worked...

Nick and I have returned from our car to car effort on The Hulk, trying to climb new terrain for both of us on the Astro-Hulk route. The weather was as good as the Sierra gets, not a cloud and a slight breeze to keep the sun pleasant. After climbing the first four pitches of Positive Vibrations to the bivy ledge, we began looking for the route with only a vague description. Not really sure where the line goes, but we climbed some good corner systems for a few pitches before bailing back to the ledge...all in all a grand adventure filling in the gaps on this amazing hunk of granite! By the time we got back to the ground I was totally worked and even managed to puke up some food and water! (Don't forget your electrolytes) Stumbling back to the car at 8pm rounded out the mission, I think I'll camp next time!

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