Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The SE USA was the location of our re-introduction. We climbed on the North side of Looking Glass, Rumbling Bald, Hawk's Beak, and Short Out. After 10 days of alternately thwacking the rode and sampling Athen's Terrapin signature Brews we flew back to Salt Lake City and the GREAT AMERICAN WEST!! Stay tuned for updates from the greatest crack climbing destination on earth...

Los Hermanos at the Lynville Gorge

The North Face of Looking Glass, "Yosemitesque."

Neil contemplating Round 2 at Short Off.

On top of Hawk's Beak, NC.


p.kingsbury said...

somebody give that hippy a hair cut!

Brando said...

I was just down in that area last fall. My buddy AJ lives in Sylva, NC about 30 minutes from Looking Glass!