Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Indian Creek is the destination

Neil and I arrived in Indian Creek late in the day on April 14. On the 15th we were re-united with the Boss and Crew, a remarkably strong, intelligent, and colorful temporary Wingate Crack sub-committee of the climbing community at large.

Attendance at Andres Marin's B-Day bash was up this year and the ratio of girls to guys approached 1:1. An unknown factoid: 90% of attendees had separated from their significant others within the past month. i.e. Lots of partying!

Boss Gleason belays Pat Ormond on BUZZ!

Pat re-opened a Gobi while thrutching.

Mason contemplates why the Creek is easier living than a Patagonian Big Wall

Neil leads Man in Black (5.12-) at the Cliffs of Insanity

Dawn Glanc and Pat Ormand pulled and re-led everything including a candidate for most aesthetic splitter, the venerable Wiggins 1.

Spring storms create remarkable growth in the Desert. The red sand landscape is transformed into contrasting greens and lavender with the white-capped Henrys, Abajos, and La Sal Mountains providing an astounding back-drop for our attempts at crack mastery.

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Adayak said...

Nice write up of Indian Creek - and some cool pics.